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Crem One Espresso Machine

Crem One Espresso Machine

R 39,899.00

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The Crem One is an exciting, truly prosumer single group espresso machine from one of the most reputable coffee equipment manufacturers that you may not have ever heard of. It is suitable for home, office and small volume commercial use and comes with a set of options and features that are incredibly impressive at these price points. It also comes in multiple configurations, meaning that there is a Crem One for every barista.

About Crem International

If you haven't heard of Crem, you are forgiven; many outside of the industry have not. That is because Crem is actually a group of companies including such reputable commercial brands as Coffee Queen and Expobar. Historically, Crem has not released many machines under its own brand, but the Crem One is part of an exciting new generation of machines sporting the parent company's name.

Expobar Office Leva pedigree

If you think that the Crem One espresso machine looks oddly familiar, you may be right. That's because it has a famous ancestor in the much-loved Expobar Office Leva. Also known as the Brewtus in the North American market, the Office Leva was a top choice for coffee lovers in the know for many years, and was also one of our own most popular domestic offerings. It has now been superseded by the Crem One, but the new descendant retains some of the aesthetic of the original, albeit with a modernised, slicker new look. 

One machine, many options

The Crem One represents a unique approach to the single group espresso machine. Where most other brands have a range of machines, each machine offering a different set of features, under a different name, Crem has decided to offer just the Crem One. Having said that, while all the Crem One machines look the same on the outside, they have provided for a wide variety of options in terms of what's under the hood. From a single boiler machine using a heat exchanger and vibratory pump to a dual boiler machine with dual PIDs, advanced pressure profiling and a rotary pump, there is a Crem One for everyone.

About the Crem One

All the Crem One machines come in the same beautifully designed, chrome-finished, stainless steel chassis; they are all equipped with PIDs for accurate temperature readings and control; and they can all operate from a reservoir or be plumbed directly into the water mains (even the vibratory pump machines). All the Crem One espresso machines have been finished with the immaculate attention to detail that we have come to expect from high-end espresso machines manufacturers, including auto on/off/eco-mode features, hot water spouts, Cool-Touch steam wands and brew/steam pressure gauges.

Whether you want a basic espresso machine with basic but accurate settings that will make delicious espresso or you want an advanced machine with complex settings that allow you to go in-depth with your espresso brew recipes, the Crem One has a machine for you. There are four options to choose from: a heat exchanger with PID, a dual boiler with PID, a dual boiler with PID and soft pre-infusion, and (last but certainly not least) the most advanced Crem One has dual boilers with PIDs, soft pre-infusion and advanced pressure profiling.

Like its predecessor, the Expobar Office Leva, the Crem One is not specifically built for the home user, but it certainly would be a great choice for any serious home barista. It also would be a nice option for a small office, or a low volume coffee bar where quality of extraction is more important than the large output a two group machine would provide. Because it can plumb in or work off a water tank, you can install a Crem One pretty much anywhere, making it as versatile as it is capable.

Now you just have to decide which Crem One is for you...

Crem One Espresso Machine features

  • Double manometer (steam and brew pressure)
  • PIDs on all models for accurate temperature control
  • Professional 58mm E61 group heads
  • Professional portafilter with double & single baskets
  • Separate Cool Touch steam & hot water dispensers
  • Easy to use controls (touch screen and push-button dependant on model)
  • Modern, polished stainless steel design
  • Can operate off 1.8L reservoir or be plumbed into water mains
  • Four options:
    • Heat exchanger
    • Dual boiler
    • Dual boiler with soft pre infusion
    • Dual boiler with pressure profiling

Crem One Espresso Machine technical specifications


Heat Exchanger PID

Dual Boiler PID

Dual Boiler PID Pre-Infusion

Dual Boiler PID Pressure Profiling

Boiler Technology Heat exchanger with PID Dual Boiler with PID Dual Boiler with PID Dual Boiler with PID
Brew Boiler Capacity 1.7L Heat Exchanger 1.2L independent brew boiler 1.2L independent brew boiler 1.2L independent brew boiler
Steam Boiler Capacity 1.7L Heat Exchanger 1.7L independent steam boiler 1.5L independent steam boiler 1.5L independent steam boiler
Resevoir capacity 1.8L 1.8L 1.8L 1.8L
Boiler Material
99.9% copper 99.9% copper 99.9% copper 99.9% copper
Pump Vibratory pump
Vibratory pump Rotary pump
Rotary pump
Control Digital display w/ two buttons OLED display w/ four buttons OLED dispay w/ four buttons OLED display w/ four buttons & USB input
Pressure profiling NA NA Soft Pre-Infusion Advanced variable pressure profiling
Power output 1,800 Watts 1,800 Watts 1,800 Watts 1,800 Watts
Power input

220-240V | 50Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 60Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 50Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 60Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 50Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 60Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 50Hz | 1 Phase

220-240V | 60Hz | 1 Phase

Dimensions (W x D x H) 30cm x 45.8cm x 42cm 30cm x 45.8cm x 42cm 30cm x 45.8cm x 42cm 30cm x 45.8cm x 42cm
Weight 30kg 35kg 35kg 35kg