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Hario V60 Switch Immersion Dripper

Hario Switch Immersion Coffee Dripper

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Hario is the creator of perhaps the most beloved coffee brewing tool in the specialty coffee world: the Hario V60. The iconic V60 pour-over coffee dripper kickstarted a revolution in specialty coffee, ushering in a new era of appreciation for coffee brewed manually and with an eye for detail.

Since then, we've seen the rise of hybrid immersion-percolator brewers. These devices combine the percolation brewing method of the classic pour-over with the increasingly favoured immersion brewing styles seen in the French press or AeroPress. The Switch is Hario's answer to this emerging category, and as the masters in the pour-over form, it's no surprise that they've developed a compelling brewer.

About The Hario Switch Immersion Coffee Brewer

The Hario Switch is, effectively, a Hario V60 dripper with a manual release mechanism built into it. The user pours hot water into a funnel, atop a standard Hario filter and ground coffee; exactly as a V60 user might. The difference is that in the Switch, the water does not immediately flow through to the cup below. The water stays in the funnel, immersing the ground coffee therein until the user presses the eponymous switch on the side of the device, which will allow the coffee to begin to drip through to the cup below. This process can create a markedly different flavour profile and may bring out different notes in the cup than a standard pour-over would. This hybrid design can also prove markedly easier for beginners to use, as it can reduce the need for mastering the pouring technique. Don't be fooled, though: while beginners may find the Switch less daunting than the classic pour-over, dedicated enthusiast brewers will still find the Switch challenging and rewarding to master. On that note, it's worth acknowledging that the Hario Switch is effectively a 2-in-1 brewer. If you're interested in mastering the pure pour-over technique and comparing your results to the immersion method, leaving the switch open will make the device function as a standard pour-over coffee brewer.

As mentioned before, Hario is the leading manufacturer of coffee brewers in the pour-over category, and in designing the Switch they've clearly brought all of their expertise to bear. The funnel itself is made from a high-quality, premium glass material in the same elegant shape as the V60. For its release, the Switch uses a unique stainless steel ball-bearing mechanism to regulate flow out the bottom of the device. Users can brew coffee with the Switch placed on a countertop or wherever is convenient, before placing it atop a mug or decanter for serving. The base of the device is built from silicone rubber. We sell the Switch in both the standard 200ml (01) and the larger 360ml size (02), so you can choose the right size for you.

The Hario Switch is an exciting new offering in the manual coffee brewer space, and we think Hario has built something quite different and interesting for filter-coffee enthusiasts. We think it's a great option for newcomers to speciality coffee and long-time manual brewers alike.

Hario Switch Immersion Coffee Dripper features

  • Innovative design combines percolation and immersion brewing
  • Unique ball-bearing switch mechanism for controlling flow
  • 40x Hario filters included with purchase
  • Compatible with standard Hario V60 filters
  • Appealing heatproof glass construction gives the device a premium feel
  • Made in Japan

Hario Switch Immersion Coffee Dripper specifications

  • Base colour: black
  • Capacity: 200ml (01) or 360ml (02) depending on selected option
  • Materials: glass funnel, silicone rubber base, PCT resin switch and stainless steel ball bearing
  • Dimensions: 155x140x160mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight in box: approx 500g