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Hario Drip Decanter

Hario V60 Drip Decanter

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The Hario V60 pour-over dripper is one of the most beloved coffee makers in the world. Elegant, convenient and capable of producing delicious coffee, the V60's distinct style of brewing directly into a cup (or separate decanter) is part and parcel of the experience. That said, some may find value in an alternative setup. If you're looking for a convenient and beautiful way to brew and serve pour-over coffee for several people (or just yourself), Hario may have just the pour-over coffee maker for you.

About the Hario V60 Drip Decanter

The Hario Drip Decanter is a fusion of the iconic V60 dripper and a glass serving decanter. We mean this rather literally. The device is effectively a free-standing all-in-one pour-over dripper and server. The plastic funnel inserted into the top of the decanter is modelled after the standalone V60 dripper, and you can use it as if it were one. It comes in the same conical shape and features the traditional spiral-patterned ribbing. Simply insert a Hario filter and freshly ground coffee and get to pouring! Instead of brewing into a cup, however, you'll be brewing straight into a decanter, ideal for serving. It is made from an elegant borosilicate glass cast in an attractive ringed pattern and is both lightweight and durable. A heatproof silicone band loops around the centre of the decanter, allowing you to keep a solid, burn-free grip when moving the apparatus or pouring coffee from the decanter.

When it is time to pour, the plastic funnel can be removed from the device altogether for cleaning purposes, leaving just the coffee-filled decanter. A small pouring spout has been built into the decanter, ensuring a clean and elegant pour. Many of us take great pride in our pour-over technique and the results it brings, and this could be an attractive way to serve coffee to more than one person. Alternatively, the decanter could be convenient for keeping a supply of quality coffee right on your desk when you sit down for a multiple-cup long work session. Naturally, with the funnel removed altogether, the decanter will function entirely standalone as a vessel, which may come in handy if you need a spare around the kitchen.

With the V60 Drip Decanter, Hario has made the ever-versatile brew method even more practical for larger batches. Whether you're serving coffee for several people or brewing in bulk for yourself, the Hario v60 Drip Decanter is a clear winner.

We sell this product in the 02 size variant. The appropriate filters to use are the Hario 02 filters, of which 10 are included, and additional can be purchased here (be sure to select the 02 variant). This variant has a decanter capacity of 500ml.

 Hario V60 Drip Decanter features

  • Pour-over dripper near identical to the popular Hario V60, fully integrated into a glass decanter
  • Decanter made from borosilicate glass is lightweight and durable
  • A heatproof silicone rubber band that can be removed and washed
  • The pour-over dripper can be removed entirely, leaving the decanter to function standalone

Hario V60 Drip Decanter specifications

  • Funnel and silicone band colour: black
  • Materials: polypropene (funnel), borosilicate glass (decanter), silicone rubber (band)
  • Decanter capacity: 500ml
  • Dimensions: W135×D125×H198mm
  • Weight in box: 600g