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Pallo Steamy Wanda

Pallo Steamy Wanda Steam Wand Cleaning Brush

R 269.00

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The secret to having espresso equipment that lasts and continues to deliver great-tasting coffee is routine maintenance. Through consistent use, espresso equipment can build up all kinds of residue (from limescale to oils from coffee) that will not only cause your machine to age prematurely but also result in unpleasant tasting coffee.

Pallo is an industry leader in creating tools that help make the cleaning and maintenance of your espresso equipment as easy and effective as possible.

The Steamy Wanda is a bristle brush designed to easily clean the inside of your steam wands and your portafilter spouts. It is specially designed to get into those hard to reach nooks and crannies and make sure that your espresso machine sparkles, inside and out!

The Pallo Steamy Wanda works best along with a milk detergent like Urnex Rinza.

Pallo Steamy Wanda features

  • Heat resistant bristles last longer
  • Smooth rounded tips prevent gouging and scratching
  • Great for cleaning in those hard to reach nooks and crannies
  • Ergonomic t-handle