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Puqpress Q1 Automatic Tamper

Puqpress Q1 Precision Coffee Tamper

R 16,284.00

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In a way, you could say that the Puqpress Q1 was what started it all. It was there the day that the machines took over from the baristas...

Banter aside, the Puqpress Q1 was indeed the first Puqpress on the market. It did start a small revolution of sorts. It showed us that tamping could be 100% consistent, automated and quick. It showed us that busy baristas need not suffer from repetitive strain injury. It showed us that there is true innovation in the coffee space!

Of course, the Puqpress Q1 isn't just some old model (if you call 2017 old). It has in fact received quite a few updates in both functionality and aesthetic since its first release. Even though it has now been superseded by the Q2 for very high volume applications, the lovely people at Puqpress were clever enough to keep the Q1 in the product lineup, to offer those with slightly more modest volumes a more affordable version. Given that these "modest" volumes are actually up to 300 tampers per day, you could easily use a Puqpress Q1 in a relatively busy South African cafe.

Like its cousins, the Puqpress Q1 will take the guesswork, inconsistency and wrist-strain out of the all important process of tamping, allowing your baristas to serve consistently great espresso, with smiles on their faces. What more could you want?

Puqpress Q1 Precision Coffee Tamper features

  • Completely consistent tamping
  • Built for medium volumes (up to 300 tamps per day)
  • Auto activation (by inserting tamper)
  • Adjustable portafilter height
  • Fits any portafilter from 53mm to 58mm
  • Works with all types of portafilters: Naked, single spout and double spouts
  • Pressure can be set by kg (between 10 and 30 kgs)
  • Small footprint
  • Non-stick tamp head
  • 3 different tamp profiles: Speedy, Precision, Single

Puqpress Q1 Precision Coffee Tamper specifications

  • Flat bottom tamper shape
  • 53 - 58mm tamping surface (adjustable)
  • 3.5kg net weight
  • Dimensions: 19.5×14.1×28.6cm
  • Power: 76W
  • Warranty: 2 years (up to 200,000 tamps)
  • Approvals: CB, CE, cETLus, KTC, EAC, NSF-8, PSE