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Eureka Mignon XL 65 Espresso Grinder

Eureka Mignon XL 65 Espresso Grinder

R 17,190.00

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Please note that espresso grinders are tested before dispatch. This may result in some residual coffee grounds in the grinder. Rest assured that this is a brand new product that has been tested to ensure optimal performance

Ever since we started selling Eureka Mignon grinders in 2019, quite frankly, we've been enamoured with them. The build quality is amazing, the grind consistency is what every coffee lover would want, the reliability is unparalleled and the form factor and extra features leave almost nothing to be desired. With all this going for them, as well as the knowledge that these grinders are made by one of the most reputable specialist manufacturers in the world, no wonder they have become our most popular espresso grinders. We didn't think we could want any more for our home baristas, but then Eureka released this...

About the Mignon XL 65 Espresso Grinder

The XL 65 isn't just a sensational home espresso grinder; after all, Eureka already had one of those in the Mignon Specialita. No, the XL 65 is more than that. It's basically a full-fledged high end commercial espresso grinder, with none of the features or specs lacking, in a home-sized package. It's part of the new Eureka ORO series which promises a new generation of state of the art grinders.

As a starting point, the Eureka Mignon XL has a whopping 65mm burr set - the size you would find in most of our commercial clients' grinders - using a special Diamond Inside patented material that makes them last longer than plain hardened steel. It also boasts super low retention, thanks to the new ELR technology, making it easy to swap between different beans without needing to worry too much about purging. It has all the amazing features of the Specialita like anti-clumping, silent technology, micrometric adjustment and it even has the same sized footprint, with just 3 extra cm of height. It's basically a Specialita on steroids. And if that weren't enough, it even comes with a free Mignon Mat Kit tamping station (as pictured).

How did Eureka achieve this? We're not quite sure. How did Eureka achieve this while still being able to offer this grinder at a price lower than many commercial grinders with lower specs? We really don't know. Suffice it to say, this may now be the ultimate choice for a home barista who wants a really high end setup. You do not have to try to squeeze a commercial grinder into your kitchen to get these kinds of features & specs at home any longer. Just buy a Eureka Mignon XL 65! 

Eureka Mignon XL 65 Espresso Grinder features

  • Time-based dosing - two programmable doses
  • Manual mode
  • Operated by push of the portafilter
  • Touch screen
  • Hands free adjustable portafilter fork (removable)
  • Sound-insulated case for quiet operation
  • ACE anti-clumping system
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Removable hopper which can be closed for easy bean swaps
  • Dose counter
  • Aluminium body
  • ELR System - low retention and high dose consistency (± 0.2g)
  • Includes Mignon Mat Kit tamping station (as per photo)

Eureka Mignon XL 65 Espresso Grinder specifications

  • Burrs
    • Type: Flat
    • Diameter: 65 mm
    • Material: Steel, Diamond Inside (Eureka Patent)
  • Motor
    • Traction: Direct
    • Rpm: 1650
    • Power: 320 watt
    • Feeding: Single phase
  • Bean hopper capacity: 300 gr
  • Productivity (g/s): 2.3 - 2.8
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 380 mm
    • Width: 120 mm
    • Depth: 180 mm
    • Net weight: 7.2 kg