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Eureka Mignon Zero Coffee Grinder

Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder

R 10,289.00

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Please note that espresso grinders are tested before dispatch. This may result in some residual coffee grounds in the grinder. Rest assured that this is a brand new product that has been tested to ensure optimal performance

There’s a lot to love about Eureka’s Mignon line of coffee grinders. Every member of the series offers a high-quality build in a simple but compact and stylish frame, plus a host of attractive features. The Zero is yet another exciting addition to the selection of Mignon grinders on offer at Cape Coffee Beans, but it has a particularly special feature that helps it stand out; it's perfectly designed for single-dosing.

This isn’t the only single-dose Mignon grinder, but it is a new addition to what is still a relatively small but rapidly growing category in the espresso space. The unique advantage of single-dose grinders is that they grind a precise amount of coffee, weighed beforehand (using a separate scale), ensuring freshness and consistency in each extraction. They are designed to prevent retention as much as possible, ensuring that the flavour of each shot isn’t contaminated by any dregs of the last beans you ground, or altered by changes in dose, which is perfect for someone who likes to try out new beans regularly. Single–dosing also eliminates the need to store beans in the hopper, which can degrade in quality over time due to exposure to oxygen and moisture. By grinding only what is needed for each shot, you can maximise the freshness and flavour potential of your coffee. The Zero also features a bellows hopper, which blows any retained grinds out of the grinder, bringing retention to effectively zero (hence the name).

Aside from the single-dose functionality, Eureka’s Mignon Zero offers everything else that makes the Mignon line so easy to recommend to both home and professional baristas. With its 55mm flat hardened steel burrs, the Zero delivers exceptional grind consistency and uniformity, and thanks to the advanced motor design it does so pretty quietly. Stepless grind adjustment allows you to fine-tune your grind size with high accuracy, whether you’re grinding for a smooth filter brew or a thick, rich espresso. The Eureka Mignon Zero comes with a dosing cup as well as a portafilter fork, allowing you to dose in whatever way suits your workflow. And, thanks to the easily removable burrs and grind chamber, low-retention design, and aforementioned bellows hopper, cleanup is a breeze.

Whether you’re a home barista or a professional coffee enthusiast, the Eureka Mignon Zero is the perfect companion for stepping up your home (or low volume) coffee game.

Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder features

  • Manual dosing
  • Dosing Cup (45 g) included
  • Sound-insulated case for quiet operation
  • Eureka’s anti-clumping and anti-static ACE system
  • Stepless adjustment
  • Removable single-dose bellows hopper

Eureka Mignon Zero Espresso Grinder specifications

  • Burrs
    • Type: Flat
    • Diameter: 55 mm
    • Material: Hardened Steel
  • Motor
    • Traction: Direct
    • Rpm: 1650
    • Power: 320 watt
  • Bean hopper capacity: 45 gr
  • Productivity (g/s)
    • 1.2 - 1.8 Espresso
    • 1.9 - 2.5 Brew
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 345 mm
    • Width: 120 mm
    • Depth: 140 mm
    • Net weight: 5.6 kg

If you already own one of Eureka’s Mignon grinders and would like to retrofit it with a single dose bellows hopper, here’s something just for that.