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Hario Mini-Slim Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario Mini-Slim Plus Manual Coffee Grinder

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The Hario Mini Mill is the not too distant cousin of the Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder. Like its relative, it houses a high quality, conical ceramic burr that provides a consistent grind of a grade that only much more expensive electric machines can aspire to. It also has an adjustable grind setting making it suitable for most brew methods. Some find the adjustment process on this particular grinder easier so if you need to change settings frequently, this manual grinder could be the one for you!

Unlike some other coffee grinders, the Hario Mini Mill has no glass parts with the entire chassis made of plastic. This makes it more travel-friendly as it's less likely to be damaged in transit. Its burr is also spring-loaded, holding it in position which may lead to more consistent grind on the coarser end of the settings.

This particular coffee grinder from Hario is primarily intended for individual use as it isn't designed to hold more than 24g of ground coffee at a time (though we've found that you can fit in 30g with many coffees). This makes it deal as a travel companion to an Aeropress but perhaps less suited to grinding when brewing for multiple people.

Hario Mini-Slim Mill Plus edition

The version of the Hario Mini-Slim Mill that we currently sell is the newer 'Plus' edition. Although very similar to the original, it features some upgrades including a more attractive smoke-grey look and a reinforced hexagonal handle attachment which is less likely to strip with age.

Hario Mini-Slim Mill Plus features

  • Extremely light-weight & portable
  • Provides a consistent grind at all levels
  • Easily adjustable grind setting
  • Can fit up to 24g of coffee in the hopper at a time (more with some coffees)
  • Reinforced hexagonal handy lock adaptor

Hario Mini-Slim Mill Plus specifications

  • Ceramic conical grinding burr
  • Durable plastic body
  • Grinding lid that holds beans in place while grinding
  • Dimensions: W150 × D72 × H220mm
  • Materials
    • Washer, Hopper shaft cover, Pin, Grind adjustment nut: Nylon
    • Shaft, Screw section, Spring, Handle: Stainless steel
    • Outer burr, Inner burr: Ceramic
    • Cover, Bottle: Methacrylate resin
      Handle grip, Center cap, Hopper : Polypropylene