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Timemore Chestnut X-Lite Coffee Grinder

Timemore Chestnut X Lite Manual Coffee Grinder

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Ever since they burst onto the scene a few years ago, Timemore's manual coffee grinders have become our most popular. Timemore hasn't just made their mark here in South Africa either; from Europe to the US to Asia, you'll find coffee lovers all over the world raving about Timemore.

Here in SA, Timemore is best known for its C range of grinders, which offers unrivalled value for money: a premium grind at manual brew settings for a moderate price. We're excited to now be able to offer our customers exclusive access to some of Timemore's top-end grinders, for those looking for even more precision, as well as a manual grinder that carries its performance all the way through the espresso range.

About the Timemore X Lite Manual Coffee Grinder

The X Lite is part of Timemore's flagship X range of grinders. It builds on the design of its other grinders, also using aluminium alloy bodies and stainless steel burrs, but it takes things to a whole new level.

The X Lite grinder houses the new Spike To Cut (S2C880) burrs, made of SUS440 martensitic stainless steel. This patented design allows the burrs to cuts the beans to a more uniform size before being fed to the grind portion of the burr, creating greater uniformity. This improvement in grind consistency alone makes the X Lite a super-premium grinder, able to compete with the very best brands out there.

Thanks to its increased consistency, the Chestnut X Lite becomes a viable choice for espresso or even Turkish coffee. To help you take advantage of this broader range of applications, its adjustment system is modified such that you don't have to count clicks. Instead, there are 24 settings indicated in a sort of "watch face" with access to half steps in between. Operating effectively between 3 clicks and 24 clicks, this means you have 43 different grind settings to experiment with.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed extra-long handle, grinding with the X Lite should also be a breeze. Still relatively compact and easy to carry around, it will make a great grinding companion at home, at the office or even on the road. Buy a Timemore Chestnut X Lite Coffee Grinder for the ultimate manual grinding experience.

Timemore Chestnut X Lite Manual Coffee Grinder features

  • Burrs: S2C880, spike to cut, sharp and efficient and made from martensitic steel
  • Highly consistent grind
  • Ergonomic, quick and smooth grinding
  • 43 effective grind settings (24 settings with access to 0.5m steps in between, with an effective range of 3 to 24)
    • Espresso: 5-7
    • Pour Over: 13-16
    • French press: 17-22
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Anti-slip rubber base

Timemore Chestnut X Lite Manual Coffee Grinder specifications

  • Materials: Brushed aluminium alloy 6061 & stainless steel
  • Burr size: 42mm conical
  • Burr material: SUS440 stainless steel (martensitic)
  • Weight: 600g
  • Dimensions: 163 x 53 mm
  • Handle length: 160 x 44 mm
  • Grinds up to 30g-40g of coffee at once (depending on coffee density)