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Puqpress Mini

Puqpress Mini Precision Coffee Tamper

R 13,052.50

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A few years ago, a clever Dutch company started the difficult task of solving one of the biggest impediments to consistently great espresso: inconsistent tamping. One day, in the not too distant future, baristas and coffee lovers will probably wonder, just how exactly did people think that a human being could consistently tamp completely level, and with exactly the same force every time? For now, this still seems to be the expectation though.

Perhaps, you could argue, a really top-notch, experienced barista may be able to achieve this feat of consistency (though that might come with repetitive strain injury), but what about home baristas and people who work in low volume cafes? What about bar tenders who only make a few coffees a day? What about your husband or wife who gets up early every day to make that flat white?! Is it really fair to expect them to tamp like a machine? No, it isn't, and they don't have to.

The original Puqpress was built for high volume cafes, but thankfully there is now a more affordable version, specifically for homes or other low volume environments. The Puqpress Mini does pretty much everything the higher end Puqpresses do, as long as you don't ask it to do it more than 100 times per day. Seems like a reasonable deal no?

If you really want consistently great espresso, if you've invested in a great machine, grinder, scale, and everything else you need to control your variables, ditch the guess work, stop the channeling and split your shots evenly; Get a Puqpress Mini!

Puqpress Mini Precision Coffee Tamper features

  • Completely consistent tamping
  • Built for low volumes (up to 100 tamps per day)
  • Auto activation (by inserting tamper)
  • Adjustable portafilter height
  • Fits any portafilter from 53mm to 58mm
  • Works with all types of portafilters: Naked, single spout and double spouts
  • Pressure can be set by kg (between 10 and 30 kgs)
  • Small footprint
  • Non-stick tamp head

Puqpress Mini Precision Coffee Tamper specifications

  • Flat bottom tamper shape
  • 53 - 58mm tamping surface (adjustable)
  • 3.4kg net weight
  • 1.3s tamping speed
  • Dimensions: 19.5×14.1×28.6cm
  • Power: 76W
  • Warranty: 2 years (up to 75,000 tamps)
  • Approvals: CB,CE, cETLus, KTC, EAC, PSE, ETL sanitation