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Hidden away behind the tasting room at Buitenverwachting wine farm, Quaffee is admittedly not one of the "big names" in Cape Town coffee. Having made a conscious decision to fly under the radar, the coffee lovers behind the quaffing frog logo have actually been roasting top quality single origin coffee beans for a small but extremely loyal group of customers since 2006.

Their coffee pedigree goes back even further than that however, with its owner having been on a quest for the finest quality coffee for at least two decades. A decade in, this pursuit gave birth to the Quaffee roastery - the ultimate expression of a life-long love of coffee and best possible way to share this passion.

Every ounce of the small team's energy goes into sourcing & perfectly roasting some of the finest (and often lesser known) coffee beans the world has to offer - the special ones you might say. It's our pleasure to make the best of what they've found available to our customers.

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