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Rocket Appartamento TCA Espresso Machine

Rocket Appartamento TCA Compact Espresso Machine

R 51,378.55

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Rocket Espresso is known for high-quality commercial and domestic espresso machines, made expertly by hand in Milan. Its Appartamento is a simple, elegant, machine that delivers a premium espresso experience from the comfort of your kitchen, and now it’s been upgraded in a major way, with Temperature Control Adjustment.

The new Appartamento TCA keeps and refines everything that makes its predecessor so great, with the addition of several new Temperature Control Adjustment features. Thanks to the 1.8L heat exchange boiler and thermosyphon system circulating hot water between it and the group head, plus the addition of a PID controller precisely manipulating boiler heat, you can pick your ideal extraction temperature and stick to it with tight consistency.

Other additions to Rocket’s Appartamento TCA include an energy-saving standby mode that shuts parts of the machine off after 30 minutes of disuse. Additionally, with boiler pressure adjustment, you can now manually set the pressure inside of your boiler in 0.1 bar increments. Since boiler pressure influences water temperature, this gives you even more precise temperature control. As before, the Appartamento TCA also sports a generous 2.5L water tank, so you can pull an impressive number of shots before needing to refill.

All of this is packed into the Appartmento’s usual compact, space-sensitive frame, with the same striking side panels and circle designs (now rounded and debossed respectively) and a distinctive brewing group. In short, the Rocket Appartamento TCA delivers in spades in both form and function, and will enhance both your home espresso experience and your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Rocket Appartamento TCA Espresso Machine features

  • Heat exchange boiler design
  • Vibration pump
  • Heated group head
  • PID control for greater temperature stability
  • Water tank reserve sensor
  • Water reservoir operation
  • Wider drip tray
  • New portafilter
  • Boiler pressure gauge
  • 0.1 bar boiler pressure adjustment
  • Energy-saving stand-by mode
  • Separate steam and hot water wands

Rocket Appartamento TCA Espresso Machine specifications

  • Boiler capacity: 1.8L
  • Boiler material: copper
  • Reservoir capacity: 2.5L
  • Power: 1200W
  • Dimensions: 270 x 448 x 358 mm (width x depth x height)
  • Weight: 22 kg