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Rocket Boxer Commercial Espresso Machine

Rocket Boxer Commercial Automatic Espresso Machine

R 91,839.00

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Rocket’s range of home espresso machines have long been a favourite of ours at Cape Coffee Beans. With unrivalled build quality, top notch service and capable of delivering perfect espresso, we thought it was time we expanded to include some of Rocket’s commercial machines.

About the Rocket Boxer espresso machine

The Rocket Boxer is a premium and high quality yet surprisingly compact espresso machine. Its sleek, modern design, low profile build and compact ergonomics make it a perfect option for businesses where space is a valuable asset, and where baristas want to be able to easily interact with their patrons.

Despite the Boxer being a compact machine, Rocket has not compromised on any of the specs. The Boxer boasts programmatic volumetric dosing and thermosiphon heat exchange technology for temperature stability which is backed by a surprisingly large 13.2 litre copper boiler. With these components, the Rocket Boxer is more than capable of handling the demands of a busy commercial operation. Dynamite (or should I say Rocket) really does come in small packages.

The Boxer is made from premium quality, commercial-grade materials. The chassis is made from stainless steel and brushed aluminium, making it sturdy and stylish. The boiler system is made from premium commercial grade copper, meaning, should it be necessary, the Boxer can handle rigorous repair and maintenance without components turning brittle or breaking. Furthermore, internal components are designed to be easily accessible, making servicing and maintenance of the Boxer a breeze. Altogether, this adds to the longevity of the machine, making it durable and built to last.

About Rocket espresso machines

Rocket Espresso makes espresso machines in the tradition of ‘fatto a mano’ ('made by hand') with a small team of craftsmen producing premium domestic and commercial espresso machines in their workshop in Milan. With the promise of producing the finest espresso in the cup, and consistently delivering on this promise, Rocket has become a highly reputable brand in the world of espresso.

The Rocket boxer comes standard in silver but the back and side panels can be customised to a colour of your choice. If you are looking for something specific, contact us for a quote.

Rocket Boxer espresso machine features

  • Ergonomic and compact design makes it ideal for small spaces
  • Durable and built to last
  • The Boxer's low profile makes it easier for baristas to engage with customers
  • Sleek and modern design with stainless steel chassis and aluminium side panels
  • 13.2 litre boiler system
  • Boiler system made from premium grade copper to withstand long term usage and rigorous repair jobs
  • Commercial Sirai Pressure Stat temperature control
  • Rotary pump
  • Thermosiphon system for temperature stability
  • Automatic back-flushing and cleaning cycles
  • Programmatic volumetric shot control
  • Pressure gauge and digital shot timer
  • 2 Insulated, no burn, cool touch steam wands
  • Hot water dispenser with hot and cold water mixing to ensures that the water is always just the right temperature
  • 120mm of room below the portafilter for tall cups

Rocket Boxer Espresso Machine specifications

1 Group 2 Group 3 Group
Voltage 220V (single phase) 220V (single phase) 380V (three phase)
Power 2.3KW
4KW / 5KW / 6KW
Boiler size 8.3L
Dimensions (W x D x H) 48 x 49 x 47 cm 63 x 49 x 47 cm 85 x 49 x 47 cm