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Rekrow Butane Burner

Rekrow Butane Burner

R 1,119.00

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For passionate manual brewers, a siphon is a wonderful tool for producing rich, delicious cups of coffee with great clarity. While the coffee siphons we sell come with an alcohol burner in the box to help get you started, that burner unfortunately only provides limited control over the heat output.

This Rekrow Butane Burner solves that problem for siphon (or any other type of) coffee brewing, by giving you great control over the height of your flame, as well as a much more stable output. Easy to use and to refill using store-bought, pure butane gas, it's a great addition to your home brewing setup!

Product features & specifications

  • Burns pure butane gas (must be purchased separately)
  • Easy electric ignition switch for lighting
  • Steel construction
  • Easy to refill
  • Easily adjustable heat source
  • Up to 45 min burn time
  • Perfect for siphon brewing (suitable for both Hario & Yama tabletop siphons)
  • Can be combined with a Rekrow stand for other uses