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Subminimal Flowtip Jug

Subminimal FlowTip™ Milk Jug

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The Subminimal Nanofoamer is one of the coolest home barista accessories for those who don't have the cash or space for a full-fledged espresso machine with a steam wand. It makes microfoam like no other hand-held device, BUT, it does require warm milk to operate. Of course, there are many ways to warm milk, including the microwave, but Subminimal has created the perfect milk-warming & milk-pouring companion for the Nanofoamer.

The Subminimal FlowTip™ Milk Jug allows you to warm milk on any stovetop. Thanks to its small design, it will do this quickly and efficiently. It is also designed for pouring latte art, so there is no need o transfer to another vessel; you can just froth and pour! To make life even easier, the jug is Teflon-coated, making cleanup very easy.

For ideal results, you need milk at the perfect temperature, so we would suggest looking at the Subminimal Contactless Thermometer.

Subminimal FlowTip™ Milk Jug features

  • Ergonomic handle for better pouring
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Smooth neck for superior milk flow
  • Tangent spout for better ripples with latte art
  • FlowTip™ for improved latte art
  • Compatible with all stovetops (provided induction stove can detect small pots)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Patented design

Subminimal FlowTip™ Milk Jug specifications

  • Capacity: 450ml
  • 304 stainless steel, FDA and EU Regulations approved
  • Teflon coated