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Technivorm MoccaMaster CDT Grand Thermos Jug 1.8L

Technivorm MoccaMaster CDT Grand Thermos Jug 1.8L

R 2,299.00

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The Technivorm MoccaMaster CDT Grand filter coffee machine with thermos jug is the ideal for commercial and large scale filter coffee requirements. It uses insulation rather than heat application to keep the coffee warm, preserving maximum flavour, and brews up to 1.8L at a time, using a flat-bottomed filter.

This spare jug is manufactured by Technivorm and is exactly like the original that comes with the MoccaMaster CDT Grand. You can purchase it to replace a lost or damaged jug, or simply to have a spare so you can brew more batches of coffee.

Technivorm MoccaMaster CDT Grand Thermos Jug features & specifications

  • Comes with brew through lid
  • Comes with tight-closing transport lid
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Insulated for heat retention
  • 1.8L capacity