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Tribe Coffee Craft Bag

Tribe Coffee - It's a House Blend

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You could call this an old school, Italian-style blend from our friends at Tribe. It's quite dark-roasted and even includes some robusta, much as all the famous Italian espresso blends do.

That robusta gives the coffee a bit of "edge" that those looking for traditional flavours will enjoy in black espresso, and that will also cut through even the sweetest milk. It has some subtle hints of fruit and nuts and plenty of creaminess all of which make it a satisfying classic espresso.

To get optimal results, we used quite short espresso extractions around 20s.

Roaster's notes

This blend was made for a client in Johannesburg. He insisted that we add Robusta, so against our judgement and our advice we did what was asked. And wow, it’s a subtle reminder that we can always learn more.

  • Mouthfeel: Full bodied but surprisingly with medium mouthfeel
  • On the nose: Hazelnut, berries and milk chocolate
  • Taste: The delicate flavours and medium acidity rushes the flavours around your mouth then vanish sweetly.