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Wega Gas Kit

Gas Retrofit For Wega Atlas & Orion Espresso Machines

R 10,295.00

The lead time for this item may vary depending on local stock availability. We'd encourage you to contact us to confirm timelines before you order. We would also be happy to put together a complete quote for you.

There's no denying it; espresso machines need a lot of power! The heating elements in the boilers run at thousands of watts, and so require a dedicated power supply, as well as a fair bit of budget to run. This can become particularly problematic in certain scenarios such as events, mobile coffee stations or even load shedding. Thankfully Wega has come up with a great answer to this problem.

Wega's Atlas and Orion espresso machines have been designed to be capable of running on gas when fitted with this gas kit. This gives you the option of drastically reducing your machine's electricity requirements by running the boiler off a 9kg gas cylinder, of the sort that is readily available in many stores.

Once fitted with the gas kit, these espresso machines only require a few hundred watts to power the pump and electronics (less than most kitchen appliances) and so can safely be run off many power sources including a high capacity battery with an inverter. The heavy lifting (or heating rather) of the boiler can be switched over to gas quickly and easily. As a nice finishing touch, you can still switch back to full electrical operation at any time, giving you flexibility depending on the power you have available!

Wega gas retrofit kit installation considerations

Please note that the Wega gas kit needs to be fitted by our agents. If you purchase one with a new Wega machine, this is done free of charge. If you want a gas kit fitted to an existing Atlas or Orion espresso machine, please contact us for a quote to have the work done.

If you'd like to add gas to your espresso machine purchase, please just add this gas kit to your cart, or ask a member of our team to add it to your order. Please be sure to select the version that corresponds to the size of your machine.

Please note that the gas kit can only be fitted to full size 2 group and 3 group machines. It will not fit compact machines.