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Bialetti Smart French Press Coffee Plunger

Bialetti Smart French Press Coffee Plunger

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Bialetti is known primarily for its moka pots: resilient, precision-engineered stovetop coffee makers that can last the better part of a lifetime, but Bialetti is not a one-trick pony. As well as a number of helpful accessories, Bialetti also makes some high-quality French press coffee makers, otherwise known as coffee plungers.

The Bialetti Smart is the company's most affordable coffee plunger, but it is every bit as durable and well-made as any of its other coffee makers. With a solid plastic frame, stainless steel filter parts and hardened glass beakers, Bialetti Smart coffee plungers are a fantastic way to make coffee.

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Here's a little bit of trivia. Did you know that the coffee plunger was actually first patented by an Italian? Whether you call it the French press or the Italian press, it's still a great way to make coffee!

Bialetti Smart French Press Coffee Plunger features

  • Borosilicate glass beaker
  • Odour-resistant stainless steel filter
  • Volume markings
  • Plastic lid, handle and base
  • Spring-loaded release latch safely secures the carafe
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • 3 Cup (350ml)
    • 8 Cup (1L)