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Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat

Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat

R 369

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Cafelat actually released the original corner tamping mat in 2008. It's the perfect solution for baristas who like to tamp with their portafilter sitting on the edge of the counter to protect the spouts. While many imitations are now available, Cafelat's original still offers some of the best features.

The Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat is made of food-grade, odourless silicone and will not deform after years of use. It's almost 10mm thick, ensuring that it provides optimal protection to both your counter and your portafilter.

Cafelat Corner Tamping Mat features & specifications

  • Made of odourless food-grade silicone
  • 10mm thickness
  • Counter dimensions:  21cm (W) 14.5cm (D)
  • 4cm overhang
  • Designed by: Karina Mencke, Denmark