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Crem EX3 2 Group Commercial Espresso Machine

Crem EX3 Commercial Espresso Machine

R 88,799.00

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The Crem EX3 is an astonishingly full-featured commercial espresso machine at a surprisingly affordable price, designed by a truly reputable equipment manufacturer. It is the perfect solution for a coffee operation that wants to be able to handle significant volumes while maintaining high standards for its beverages with the help of granular controls, without having to spend a fortune. If you're looking to optimise your extractions and serve lots of customers, look no further than the Crem EX3.

About Crem International

If you haven't heard of Crem, you are forgiven; many people have not. That is because Crem is actually a group of companies including such reputable commercial brands as Coffee Queen and Expobar. Historically, Crem has not released many machines under its own brand, but the Crem EX3 is part of an exciting new generation of machines sporting the parent company's name.

Expobar heritage

In South Africa, Expobar is probably the best known brand in the Crem group of companies. Both its commercial and its domestic machines have served many South African coffee lovers well for many years. The Crem EX3 follows in the footsteps of a machine particularly loved by value-conscious coffee professionals: the Expobar Monroc. That machine was known to offer reliability and functionality at a surprisingly affordable price. The Crem EX 3 builds on that heritage.

About the Crem EX3

The Crem EX3 has had a pretty serious makeover. Its simple, contemporary design looks very attractive and will fit in to cafes and restaurants of all different kinds of aesthetics, but it's what's going on under the highly polished hood that we're particularly excited about.

This machine includes many of the features that you find in very high end machines. It uses a built in rotary pump and all models have volumetric controls. It has cool touch steam wands (the models we sell actually have two), as well as a separate, dedicated hot water tap with an automatic dosing function for your Americano recipe. The rotary taps are configured to operate in a half-turn range, making them particularly easy on the barista's wrists in a high volume cafe.

All the things we've mentioned are finer details (albeit important ones), but there's actually even more to this machine. It actually has built in PID for temperature control and electronic pre-infusion, leveraging a pre-infusion chamber that's built in to the group head. These are features typically only found in the highest end commercial machines!

There are even some finer finishing touches like an eco mode, automatic on/off settings, auto cleaning cycles and even a dedicated button for flushing the group heads. All together, this incredible feature set makes serving specialty coffee at high volumes more accessible than it ever has been before.

Crem EX3 key features

  • Two brewing groups (E61)
  • Volumetric rotary pump
  • Five configurable doses via keypad buttons
  • Digital display with shot timer
  • Pre-infusion chamber in group head
  • Electronic pre-infusion
  • PID control
  • Raised group head (clearance for tall cups)
  • Two cool touch steam wands (not pictured)
  • Dedicated hot water tap with configurable water dose
  • Double 60mm pressure gauge
  • Barista lights
  • Automatic group head cleaning cycle
  • Eco mode
  • Automatic on/off setting
  • Includes 1 complete single and 1 complete double portafilter

Crem EX 3 specifications

  • 220-240V
  • Power: 3350 W 
  • Boiler capacity: 11.5L
  • Boiler material: copper
  • Dimensions: W 770 x D 575 x H 465 mm
  • Weight: 62kg