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Expobar Monroc 2 Group Commerical Coffee Espresso Machine

Expobar Monroc Commercial Espresso Machine

R 48,695.00

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With over 20 years of experience in the business of espresso machine manufacturing, Expobar has become known for producing reliable and affordable equipment for both home and commercial users. As the espresso division of Crem International, this Spanish brand of espresso machine can be found, not only in South Africa, but in over 90 countries around the globe. 

The Expobar Monroc is a simple but highly efficient commercial espresso machine. Despite its simplicity, the Monroc is still a fully-fledged high volume piece of equipment, offering everything you need to serve authentic espresso-based coffee drinks with ease. It is a perfect option for cafes and restaurants wanting an affordable option to expand their coffee offering. With its massive 11.5 litre boiler and optional programmatic volumetric dosing (automatic version), the Monroc can produce impressive volumes of consistent and good quality espresso. 

The Monroc has an impressive set of features for its budget-friendly price tag. It comes with a cup warmer, hot water dispenser and steam wand allowing you to prepare everything from an Americanos to Lattes. Its classic E61 group head is found industry-wide making ancillary parts, repairs and maintenance easy and affordable As an added bonus, its simple black and silver design will look great on any coffee counter.

If you are looking for a great-value, good-quality espresso machine that can keep up with the demands of a commercial operation, the Expobar Monroc is the one for you!

Expobar Monroc key features

  • Volumetric pump
  • E61 Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber
  • Auto-fill copper boiler with heat exchanger
  • Cup Warmer
  • One steam wand & one hot water dispenser
  • Automatic backflushing
  • 4 Programmable dose buttons per group (automatic)

Expobar Monroc specifications

  • 230V/3260W
  • 11.5 litre copper boiler with heat exchanger
  • Dimensions: W 660 x D 540 x H 480
  • Weight: 65kg