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Mythos Duo Bean To Cup Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Mythos Duo 2.0 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine - Medium / Large Office

R 33,350.00

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The Mythos Duo is the larger office offering within the Mythos bean to cup range. Like it smaller siblings, it is a good looking, reliable and easy to use machine, but it incorporates additional features that make it ideal for the corporate environment.

We're big believers in brewing coffee by hand, but in a business context, when you might be brewing dozens of cups a day without a trained barista, convenience is important, as is self-service. The Mythos Duo fully automatic coffee machine is perfect for that kind of environment. It can brew an espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte with just a tap of the finger, with programmable settings to suit your particular tastes.

The Mythos Duo is operated via an interactive touch screen, making it particularly easy to use for all your staff. It also has two pumps and a dual heating system, allowing it to truly brew two beverages at once during those times of peak demand. It also can be connected directly to the water mains, removing the need for water tank refills.

The Duo fully automatic coffee machine has a built in, adjustable coffee grinder, as well as an automatic milk frother, which draws milk from a separate container using a small pipe. It also cleans itself at the touch of a button. Able to easily brew 120 cups per day, this is a great solution for most medium to large offices.

Mythos Duo Feature Summary

  • Touch screen and text display
  • 6 programmable beverage types
  • Hot water bypass for Americanos
  • Adjustable grind settings
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Fixed water tank
  • Direct water connection
  • 1 touch coffee & milk beverages
  • Simultaneous coffee + milk dispensing option
  • Automatic milk frother with auto clean
  • Integrated cleaning system
  • Ground coffee chute (ideal for decaf)
  • Cup warmer
  • 1 year warranty on all parts

Recommended Accessories

The Mythos X1 comes with everything that you need to make delicious coffee. However, we recommend these accessories along with a solid cleaning and maintenance regime to ensure optimal results and the longevity of your machine. We can email you our own cleaning and maintenance guidelines when we send you the machine.

Mthos Duo Specifications

  • Recommended for ~120 cups per day
  • 1kg bean hopper
  • 6L water tank
  • Dimensions: 56.5cm x 48cm x 39cm (H x D x W)
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Packaged weight: 22kg