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Pallo GrindMinder Cleaning Brush

Pallo GrindMinder Grinder Cleaning Brush / Counter Sweep

R 679.00

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The Pallo GrindMinder is designed to make cleaning up after your coffee brewing nice and easy. This double-ended brush helps you get rid of all those coffee grounds and residue that cling to your coffee grinder and counter. One end features a long brush perfectly suited for cleaning off (or cleaning out) the grinder itself. The other end is a flat brush perfect for dusting off the counter.

Pallo GrindMinder features

  • Ergonomic coffee grinder double-ended brush
  • Long reach grinder brush made from natural food-grade bristles
  • Counter brush with tough nylon bristles
  • Low profile for getting under machines
  • Hanger hole for storage
  • Grinder brush heads replaceable (buy them here)

Try using this brush with Urnex Grindz Tablets as part of your cleaning routine