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Quaffee 4-Box Brazilian Coffee Tasting Pack

Quaffee Brazilian Tasting Set - One Roast Ltd Release

R 690.00

This coffee will be roasted to order. Please place your pre-order separate from other items if you wish to avoid dispatch delays and refer to the product description for the dispatch timeline. Orders including this item will only be dispatched once the coffee has been roasted and delivered to us.

Although perhaps a bit lesser known than some of the bigger specialty roasters in South Africa, our friends at Quaffee have been quietly doing their thing for the better part of two decades. Those in the know also realise that all this experience shows in their coffee, from the quality of the roast profiles to the quality of the selection.

This week, we're excited and fortunate to be able to share with you a special taste of Quaffee, whether you're in or outside the Western Cape. On Saturday morning, the Quaffers will be hosting a special Brazilian coffee tasting event. Whether you can make it or not, you can share in the experience in the comfort of your own home with this special tasting bundle of four very special Brazilian coffees. Given the quality of these lots, the price being asked is an incredible deal that lovers of specialty and Brazilian coffee shouldn't miss!

Roasted to (pre)order - this week only

Please note that this is a very special one-off offer. Quaffee will be doing one roast of each coffee this week, which we will dispatch next week. That is the only chance you will have to buy this coffee. The coffee is made available on a roast-to-order basis. You must get your order in this week to have a chance to try these special lots.

Because this coffee is a pre-order, please understand that the dispatch will only happen in the week of July 1st. If you combine this order with other items, please note that the entire order will only be dispatched that week. If you need the other items sooner, we ask that you place a separate order.

What's in the Brazilian Tasting Bundle - details from Quaffee

We will be tasting these coffees for the first time at the same time as everyone else. For a sneak preview of what's in store, please read this brief description of each lot from our friends in Constantia. We can't wait!

Sitio Terra Boa

  • Located in Juruaia Municipality, South of Minas, Sitio Terra Boa is owned by Claudeci de Araújo’s family. The farm spans 27 hectares of coffee, with an additional 13 hectares of preserved native forest. They cultivate several Arabica varieties, including the Catuaí we’ll taste.
  • Expect a naturally processed Catuaí with tropical fruit flavors, citric acidity, and a creamy body. SMC cupping score: 85.

Santa Cruz

  • Originally an orange farm, Santa Cruz converted to coffee production in 1998. Managed by Josiana Moraes, the farm focuses on sustainability, with 400,000 native trees planted since 1998. Many Arabica varieties thrive here.
  • We’ll sample a naturally processed Geisha with floral, citrus, and deciduous flavors, delicate acidity, and a velvety body. SMC cupping score: 85.

Fazendas Caxambu

  • Located in Três Pontas municipality, Fazendas Caxambu has been a coffee farm for over 100 years. Carmen Lucia, a third-generation farmer, oversees 120 of the farm’s 211 hectares dedicated to coffee. The name “Caxambu” refers to the drums used by local tribes for communication.
  • Our tasting will feature the farm’s naturally processed Bourbon variety—a spicy coffee with cinnamon, tart acidity, medium body, and a pleasing aftertaste. SMC cupping score: 86.

Donas Do Café

  • Donas Do Café is an initiative supporting women coffee producers. Through live broadcasts and online meetings, they exchange knowledge about specialty coffee. The brand “Donas Do Café” showcases blends from various Arabica farms.
  • The Donas Do Café blend offers a naturally processed coffee with a caramel and fruity aroma, stone fruit notes, balanced body, and a bright citrus aftertaste. SMC cupping score: 85.