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Bag of Rosetta Colombia Nairobi coffee

Rosetta Roastery - Colombia Nairobi

R 230.00

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Colombia has long been one of the most illustrious and celebrated coffee farming countries in the world, and has firmly established a reputation for delicious, top quality coffee. Our friends at Rosetta Roastery, thanks to whom we’ve enjoyed many Colombian coffees, like to joke that it’s like the Kenya of the Americas, which makes the name of this lot particularly fitting.

Nairobi farm is a mid-sized family-run farm found in the department of Tolima, in Colombia’s Andean region. Being so close to the equator and located along the Andes mountain range means that Tolima doesn’t really experience seasons, but does feature a number of diverse microclimates with varying altitudes, temperatures and weather patterns. Some of these microclimates are ideal for coffee production and give Tolima’s coffee its exciting and unique flavour profiles. Coffee forms a major part of Tolima’s economy, and along with Caldaz, Quindío and Risaralda, Tolima is part of Colombia’s “Coffee Triangle”, which produces the vast majority of all Colombian coffee.

This particular Tolima coffee pairs well with Rosetta’s classic roast, which provides a full body and a rich sweetness along with some comfortingly familiar notes, making it sure to be another delicious Colombian coffee.

Phaedon’s tasting notes

This coffee's profile is truly classic; I think everyone is going to love it. While it has a bit of fruity brightness, maybe some hints of citrus or stone fruit specifically, it's the coffee's weight, body and sweetness that make it particularly appealing. In both immersion and percolation brews, it delivered a very satisfying cup, perfectly balanced to offset a miserable grey Cape Town winter morning. I even picked up a badly needed hint of dark chocolate on the finish.

Rosetta’s notes

Style: Classic
Flavour profile: Bright and juicy, plum, baked nectarine

“Our classic coffees will make great espresso-based beverages, and they're a good option for french press and moka-pot brewing, especially if you like your coffee with milk.

These will be fuller bodied coffees that exhibit more obvious roast-centric flavours, like caramelised sugar.”

Coffee details from Rosetta

“Though the farm name may appear to suggest otherwise, this coffee has been sourced from the famed coffee-growing region of Tolima, Colombia. Third-generation coffee farmer, Pedro Herrera, together with his close-knit family of six, actively oversees every aspect of the farm. Supplemented by three permanent staff members, they nature and attend to an impressive 12,500 trees in total. Once harvested, the coffee is floated and separated by density before being sun-dried on a ‘marquesina’ or drying beds.”

  • Altitude: 1580 masl
  • Processing: Washed
  • Variety: Castillo
  • Region: Nazereno, Tolima
  • Country: Colombia
  • Producer: Pedro Herrera and his family and staff on Nairobi farm
  • Harvest: 2023