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Stainless Steel Cupping Spoon

Stainless Steel Cupping Spoon

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Cupping is the speciality coffee industry's standard method for tasting and assessing coffees. It aspires to eliminate the confounding variables of brewing to give an unadulterated glimpse into the quality and potential of a coffee. Consistency in variables is important, so we'd encourage you to check out the SCA's suggested protocols.

When setting up a cupping, the right tools go a long way, and that's where these cupping spoons come in. They are made of high quality stainless steel and are the perfect shape and size for cupping. The angle between the handle and the bowl is more acute than a typical spoon, allowing for an easy dip into the cupping bowl, even when it's half empty. The bowl of the spoon is also relatively small, allowing you to taste lots of coffee without unnecessary over-caffeination.

Cupping spoon specifications

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Length: 15cm
  • Spoon bowl diameter: ~4cm
  • Weight: ~50g