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Wacaco Drinking Lid

Wacaco Drinking Lid

R 169.00

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What?! You lost the drinking lid to your beautiful Octaroma travel mug or Cuppamoka portable pour-over coffee maker?! You must be devastated, distraught, depressed... you must have thought that your beloved mug or coffee maker was rendered useless!

Don't worry! All is not lost. We're here to save the day. We have spare lids available! You can keep sipping (and avoid spilling) your delicious coffee. You just need one of these babies!

By the way, if this isn't you, but you are the proud owner of a Pippamoka (which doesn't come with a drinking lid), you may also want to check this out. This drinking lid fits your Pippamoka (though it won't fit inside a Pippamoka hard case, in case you were wondering).

Wacaco Drinking Lid features & specifications

  • Made of BPA-free plastic (Tritan) & silicone
  • Compatible with Cuppamoka, Pipamoka & Octaroma
  • Guaranteed to save the day (if you lost your lid)
  • Weight: 45g
  • Dimensions: 81.5mm diameter x 26.5mm