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häzz - our favourite coffee for heroes

häzz - coffee for heroesIt was a Saturday morning spent doing one of our favourite things - taking a couple of hours to relax and indulge at a Cape Town market. This was actually one of our first times at the Stellenbosch Slowmarket at Oude Libertas; now one of our favourites. We we were doing what we usually did at a market on a Saturday morning: wandering from stall to stall, sampling whatever looked tastiest, and accumulating an ever-larger amount of delicacies to take home. We quickly noticed that a rather long queue had formed in one spot, leading up to a small market stall upon which stood an serious-looking espresso machine.

Beside that machine were some bright blue bags of coffee with a name that we immediately concluded must have been European: häzz. Undaunted by the queue and intrigued to find out why this European coffee was drawing such a crowd, we waited patiently and ordered some cappuccinos. Those who have been lucky enough to have a häzz coffee at the Stellenbosch market won't be at all surprised to hear that we were blown away by the coffee we were served.

I think we left that day still thinking that we'd sampled some fantastic European coffee, confused about why we hadn't heard of this international brand before. Once we started returning to that market, the häzz coffee stall quickly became our first stop and eventually, the people working at the stall enlightened us.

About häzz

Needless to say, we learned quickly that häzz wasn't a European brand of coffee but rather a proudly South African one. With headquarters at a beautiful cafe in Stellenbosch, häzz is South Africa's best answer to the big European coffee brands. The makers of häzz realised that South African consumers were having to make a choice between a recognisable brand and a fresh locally-roasted coffee and so they created a coffee to fulfil both needs. häzz keeps it simple, much like the European brands that inspired its creation. There is only one häzz blend, it's freshly roasted every day and it's just plain excellent.

What we love about häzz

Flat white from häzz in StellenboschWe love the straightforward approach that the makers of häzz have taken. The South African consumer can be overwhelmed with choice when trying to pick freshly roasted beans from some of the Cape's roasters. For those who just want a consistent, excellent cup of coffee, no matter what your brewing method, häzz is your answer.

On top of that, we think that the makers of häzz have succeeded in creating a strong brand (one for heroes) which is accompanied by an amazing coffee experience. To see what we mean, pop into the cafe on Ryneveld street in Stellenbosch the next time you're in the area. You'll enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee and a real taste of cafe culture to rival the best that Europe has to offer.

So if you're the type of coffee-drinker who seeks out single-blend big coffee brands at the grocery store, why not give South Africa's answer a try: häzz - coffee for heroes


Hi do u guys supply koffie bags (streep sakke) please let me know


Posted by shaun on March 20, 2015

Hi Shaun. Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately we don’t sell those – only whole bean coffee. Sorry we can’t help!

Posted by Cape Coffee Beans on March 22, 2015

Brilliant coffee, and love the proudly Soith African concept. Is your company franchised? Please let me know,.

Posted by Cornell on September 18, 2015

Just love it, bought a bag of beans at gourmet coffee roasters, and we were impressed instantly, honestly if I have to compare it to the famous Italian blends, Häzz really competes to that level

Posted by Zeenat Parker on November 09, 2015

Ordered some coffee making equipment, had to include a variety of coffee beans to add some variety to our normal brand. Due to a delay in obtaining one of the items, Cape Coffee added a packet of Hazz as a consolation gift.
THANK YOU! Of the lot, it is the best. Even our normal brands.
I will be ordering more shortly – do hope the supplier can maintain the standard of the flavours encountered. Normally the problem with blends. Will advise soon ;-)

Posted by Derek on May 24, 2016

Where is hazz coffee beans grown? What country?

Posted by Riette on May 20, 2017

Hi Riette,

häzz is a blend, so it includes beans from a few different countries!

Posted by CCB on May 24, 2017

We are an Interiors and Textile Business and have recently served your coffee to clients in our showrom in Westlake Business Park-
The clients have loved it!
Please let me know if we can purchase directly from yourselves. We do launches and invite and host vrious busines colleagues etc.
Check our website wwwthe jaysmithcollection
Best Regards
Jay Smith

Posted by JAY SMITH on August 31, 2017

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