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Truth - Cape Town's Coffee Cult

Truth Coffee LogoWhen we walked into Truth's HQ, we couldn't help thinking that it looked a little bit like a scene out of a Tim Burton movie. It kept us looking around at every corner for several minutes before we thought to order. The aesthetic wasn't at all what you may have come to expect from coffee shops. The colours were dark and metallic, the staff dressed in Victorian style and the space filled with an enormous  and impressive-looking machine. That machine, named Colossus, is central to the style of the Truth HQ as a whole, which we now know is called Steampunk: a type of futurism from a Victorian perspective. It really is a captivating space - If you're ever in Cape Town, we would highly recommend you go see it for yourself.

The truth is (no pun intended) that this coffee shop would be worth visiting regardless of what they served, just to take in the look and feel of the place. Fortunately for us coffee-lovers, this is far from the only reason to take an interest in Truth.

About the Truth Coffee Cult

Truth was founded in 2009 by David Donde, a true evangelist of excellent coffee. David has been involved in specialty coffee for more than a decade and has been a central part of the coffee revolution that has been happening in the Cape Town area over the last few years. We were lucky enough to have the chance to chat to David about coffee recently and his passion and depth of knowledge immediately shone through. We picked up some great tips on how to make our coffee better, and started to understand the dedication that was behind this brand of coffee which has attracted such a cult following.

What we love about Truth

There are a lot of things to love about Truth: the fantastic HQ coffee shop (recently named best coffee shop in the world), the clean, simple design of the bags and the passion of its team to name a few. All of that is secondary to the most important thing about Truth however: the coffee is amazing!

If you have a chance visit Truth in person, at the HQ on 36 Buitenkant, you will be served a Truly mouth-watering coffee. The flavour of Truth's beans is incredibly bold and rich, without even a hint of bitterness. It's the kind of flavour that will stay in your mind for days afterwards and give you uncontrollable cravings for another cup.

Truth - We Roast Coffee. Properly

The best part is, Truth's coffee is also amazing when you make it at home. When we first tried Truth coffee in our humble coffee press, we quickly realised that Truth's slogan - We roast coffee. Properly - was right on the money. The amount of flavour you can extract from freshly ground Truth coffee beans really demonstrates that the people roasting them know exactly what they are doing.

So if you're in the Cape Town area, don't miss out on the chance to have an amazing cup of coffee at the best coffee shop in the world but even if you can't visit, order a bag of Truth coffee from Cape Coffee Beans and try it at home - you will not regret it!


The Coffee are great , and I would like to get hold of your coffee – but lives in PTA , how can I get the coffee do you sell it at local shops in pta.

Posted by Hester on March 03, 2017

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