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1Zpresso is a great example of how much the boundaries are being pushed in the world of coffee equipment, even today. Manual coffee grinders have come leaps and bounds in the last decade; they have become a viable, affordable, and functional choice for every application, including espresso. Many people may have understandably believed that manual grinders had been "perfected" but then 1Zpresso came along. 

1Zpresso is a Taiwanese designer of coffee equipment, with a particular focus on manual grinders. Founded by a group of coffee-loving engineers, they set out to make premium hand grinders even better, and they seem to have succeeded. Eschewing the traditional materials of choice (glass, plastic, wood), they have built a whole range of next-level hand grinders from truly industrial materials such as aluminium and steel. Their products have reached new heights in terms of grind consistency, the ability to fine tune grind settings, and sheer robustness. We are very excited to their fantastic grinders available here in Africa! 

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