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IMS Integrated Membrane Shower Screen E61

IMS Precision Espresso Shower Screen

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Founded in 1946 and holding the mantra "The art of steel at the service of good coffee", IMS is an Italian manufacturer of professional and competition calibre espresso and filter coffee accessories. They are particularly well known for their filter baskets that are precision-engineered and laser-cut to perfection. IMS has taken a scientific approach to espresso; by looking at the physics of pressure and flow rates they been able to create equipment and accessories that reduce channelling and optimise extraction.

IMS shower screens offer improved flow control that can help to achieve higher extractions and better-tasting espresso. Used by professional baristas and in barista competitions around the world, this IMS shower screen is a must-have upgrade for serious espresso enthusiasts! 

These Precision Shower Screens come in two variants; one with a wire mesh filter and another with an integrated membrane filter, but you can choose yours based on the model of espresso machine you have. Just choose from the drop-down menu!

About the wire membrane shower screens

This shower screen is made up of steel wires that are woven into a membrane. The outer ring of the shower screen is then folded over the edges in order to hold the mesh in place without having to weld any parts. The main feature of this shower screen is the exceptional filtering power of 35µM. This ultra-fine filtering power allows for a more even and consistent flow rate and more homogenous saturation of your ground coffee, which in turn improves extraction.

About the integrated membrane shower screens

The integrated membrane shower screen uses a precision-engineered stainless steel filter with a filtering power of 200µM. This fine filtering is achieved through a process of photo-etching whereby special micro-perforations are made on the inside of the shower screen. Not only does this exclusive design achieve exceptional performance, but it also makes it hard-wearing and easy to clean.

NB: The Rancilio Integrated Membrane is only compatible with the Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Classe 5. It is not compatible with the Rancilio Silvia Pro X.

IMS Precision Shower Screen features & specifications

  • A scientific approach to improved flow rates and extraction
  • Precision engineering with fine attention to detail down to the micrometer
  • Less channelling and higher espresso extractions
  • 35µm / 200µm filtering capacity
  • Material: Food grade high-quality stainless steel