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AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

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There's a reason the AeroPress is a favourite amongst coffee enthusiasts. On its own, the deceptively simple little brewer is one of the most versatile coffee makers out there, with endless recipes and techniques to discover. That said, whether you're just becoming familiar with the device or already a master of the inverted method, there are plenty of accessories available that extend the capabilities of this tried and tested piece of kit. Over the years, one of the most popular modifications to the AeroPress has been a replacement filter cap that adds some form of pressure valve to the bottom of the device. Now, AeroPress has released its own take on this product, and there are plenty of reasons to consider adding the official Flow Control Filter Cap to your AeroPress toolbox.

About AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap

An AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap replaces the default filter cap at the bottom of the AeroPress. Unlike the filter cap that comes with the AeroPress, this one features a pressure-actuated valve. That means that coffee does not leave the brew chamber until you begin to apply pressure. This gives you total control over the steep time of your brew. It also allows you to brew at a higher pressure than the traditional filter cap, thanks to the resistance provided by the flow control valve.

We should reiterate, as always, that even adding a pressure-actuated valve to your AeroPress won't make it capable of producing genuine espresso, which requires levels of pressure and flow consistency that only a machine can achieve. Still, there are plenty of reasons to love the more concentrated espresso-like brews you can produce with your AeroPress, with the help of the AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap. These can be achieved by extending the steep time, using a finer grind, using a larger coffee-to-water (brew) ratio, and also taking advantage of the smaller aperture of the Flow Control Filter Cap. With fresh coffee, this can even help you produce crema, particularly with darker-roasted beans that are freshly ground.

Adding a requirement for pressure in order for coffee to flow can be rather convenient as well. By default, the rate coffee flows out of your AeroPress will be influenced by (among other factors) the size of the coffee grounds you use; hence a smaller grind is required to keep liquid in the chamber for a longer brew time, at least with the traditional method. With the coffee grounds no longer responsible for regulating the flow of coffee, you're free to experiment with whatever grind size you fancy, as well as to extend your brew time as long as you like. Notably, this may reduce the relative utility of the famous inverted method, in which the AeroPress is used upside-down to avoid water flowing through the filter too soon in the brew. It's a neat trick favoured by many enthusiasts but comes with an associated risk of spilling boiling hot coffee and wet grounds everywhere. It happens to the best of us. If you don't have the confidence to attempt it regularly (or if attempting the inverted method distresses anyone who shares your kitchen) but still want to experiment with longer brew times, this accessory may just be the solution to your ills.

As an official AeroPress product, this accessory is compatible with all of the other official accessories you may be using, as well as all AeroPress models. Whether you're using an original AeroPress or an AeroPress Go with either metal or paper filters, Aerobie's Flow Control Filter Cap is a must-have accessory to extend the capabilities of your AeroPress.

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap features

  • Unlock the ability to make more concentrated brews with your AeroPress, with an espresso-like crema*
  • Gain more control over the brew parameters by stopping drip-through, enabling longer steep times and the use of a wider array of grind sizes
  • Eliminates the need for inverted brews
  • Compatible with all AeroPress models as well as all official filter options, including the reusable metal filter
  • Easy to rinse and dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed in Silicon Valley

* to achieve crema, you need to be using a coffee that is at least medium-roasted (ideally darker) and is recently roasted and freshly ground

AeroPress Flow Control Filter Cap specifications

  • Dimensions (in box): 7.37 x 7.62 x 3.18 (cm)
  • Weight: ~50g
  • Material: Plastic