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Citizen is the passion project of two brothers who fell in love with coffee. Steven & Gareth started with espresso - as many coffee lovers do - but they decided to pursue the path much further than most.

We met them when they were roasting 250g batches of coffee on a tiny roaster in a back room, but even then we were incredibly impressed with what they were producing. They've now graduated to a professional roaster and are sourcing & roasting a variety of top quality, traceable green coffee, which we're excited to share with our customers.

Citizen may still be a side project - we like to think of them as our first roaster 'garagistes' - but their coffee is anything but amateur. We get to taste a lot of coffee and we really think what they're producing is quite special - we hope you will too!

Unfortunately we don't have any coffee beans from Citizen Microroasters available at the moment. If you would like some recommendations for coffees to try, please contact us!

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