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Coffee Queen Mega Gold Filter Coffee Machine

Coffee Queen Mega Gold Filter Coffee Machine

R 12,999.00

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Coffee Queen is an extremely well-respected brand in the world of batch coffee brewing. It offers some fantastic affordable entry level options, but with the Coffee Queen Mega Gold range, it provides a step up for those who want to provide an even better experience for their customers or employees.

Serving Station Concept

Rather than using airpots, the Coffee Queen Mega Gold series of filter coffee machines is designed for use with serving stations. These special thermoses feature a bottom tap, rather than the need to pump at the top. This makes serving more convenient and a little more elegant! The serving stations can be carried and used in any environment.

Serving stations also include visible coffee level indicator, making it much easier to plan your batch brewing. They will keep your coffee hot for hours and hours, without negatively impacting the flavour like an external heat source would.

We highly recommend the Zojirushi 2.5L Thermal Gravity Pot for use with the Coffee Queen Mega Gold.

More about the Coffee Queen Mega Gold

The Mega Gold comes in both a manual-filled (tank-based) option and a an automatic version that can be connected directly to the water mains (though it also can work with a tank). With both options, and the latter particularly, you can actually brew a huge amount of coffee in a day, as it only takes 8.5 minutes to make 2.5L! If you have enough serving station thermoses, you can serve very large numbers.

The automatic version includes an electronic timer as well as a brewing complete signal. It also has an adjustable brew volume, meaning that you can brew a half batch with either model.

Buy the Coffee Queen Mega Gold to serve your customers or employees delicious, fresh & warm coffee!

Recommended accessories

For optimal results with your Coffee Queen Mega, pair it with these accessories:

Please note that the Coffee Queen Mega does not come with a serving station thermos. Please be sure to add one to your order!

Coffee Queen Mega Gold features and specifications

  • ~ 8.5 minute fast brew time
  • Brews 2.5L of coffee at a time
  • Comes in manual only or with automatic filling option (see drop down)
  • Width: 205 mm
  • Depth: 390 mm
  • Height: 640 mm
  • Weight: ~11kg
  • Power supply: 220-230V / 4400W