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Digital Pocket Scale Weighing Coffee Beans

Constant Digital Coffee Pocket Scale

R 489.00

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Brew ratio - the ratio of water to coffee - is arguably the most important variable to control in your brewing. Unfortunately eye-balling it can yield inconsistent results so once you get serious about your brewing, you're likely to want to start measuring your coffee and water. Measuring water is relatively easy - you can use a kitchen scale or even a measuring cup. Measuring small amounts of coffee precisely is more difficult as typical kitchen scales aren't precise enough and volume is a poor indicator.

This digital pocket scale is an easy and portable way to start controlling your brew ratio better. It weighs coffee (or anything else for that matter) in 0.1g increments, up to 500g. Its lid even is useful as a measuring receptacle for beans but because of the tare function (to zero out), you can use any light cup or container.

Product features

  • Measures in 0.1g increments up to 500g
  • Small & portable
  • Uses AAA batteries (one set included)
  • Tare function (zero out scale)
  • Calibration function

Please note that while this pocket scale comes with a lid, it is easily detachable. If you plan to travel with it, we'd recommend using the box that came with it or wrapping a rubber band or string around it to keep it securely closed