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Luminaire Shot Timer

Luminaire Espresso Machine Shot Timer

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Time is an important indicator of how your espresso extraction is going. Timing your shots will help you to replicate your best shots and help to guide you on how to adjust your grind setting when your shots aren't tasting right. At the end of the day, espresso is basically about getting the right yield (volume) in the right time for any particular coffee, within quite a tight range of possibilities.

Unfortunately not all espresso machines come with built-in timers and that can be a real hindrance to getting that perfectly tasty shot. At best, it might take you longer to figure out what the right variables for your coffee are. At worst, you may hit them and never be able to replicate them again. That's where the Luminaire Shot Timer comes in.

The Luminaire is an easy-to-install and reliable way to time your shots on many espresso machines (domestic and commercial). It works with the solenoid valve in your machine through a magnetic sensor. Even better, the sensor just sits on the solenoid valve and does not require modification of your machine. We don't like to suggest tinkering under the hood!

The timer starts the moment valve opens and brewing starts, times upwards, and then auto-resets once you finish brewing. That means you'll always know exactly how much time elapsed, allowing you to fine tune, re-test, and replicate when you're happy.

The Luminaire Shot Timer is compatible with many espresso machines including:

Please note that it is not compatible with the La Marzocco MP models such as the Linea MP, Linea PB MP, Strada MP or GS3 MP. It is also not compatible with Rocket espresso machines.

Luminaire Shot Timer specifications

  • Screen dimensions: 17.78mm x 17.78mm
  • Timer dimensions: 33.02mm (w) x 33.02mm (H) x 15.24mm (D)
  • Wire length: 50.8cm
  • Battery: CR2032
  • Weight: 9g
  • Wire temperature rating: 105°C

Luminaire Shot Timer features

  • Times your espresso shots in a seamless manner
  • Works with the solenoid valve in your espresso machine to start and stop the timer
  • Fast and easy installation that requires no modification to your espresso machine
  • Lasts up to 4 years with a standard coin cell CR2032 battery