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Motta Presino black wooden and stainless steel tamper for 51mm portafilters

Motta Pressino Tamper With Black Handle (51mm)

R 999.00

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Mettalurgica Motta is one of the top manufacturers of high quality stainless steel products in Italy. The brand, known typically as the abbreviated, Motta, is partly responsible for the rise in public appreciation of espresso over the last century. Since then, it has remained one of our favourite names in coffee accessories. Its Europa milk pitcher is simply one of the best on the market. In short, Motta's products are emblematic of the value that high-quality accessories made with an eye for detail can offer to the home barista.

About the Motta Pressino Tamper

At Cape Coffee Beans, we often are asked if we have any decent accessories for espresso machines in non-standard sizes. Unfortunately, sometimes the answer has to be no. Most of the manufacturers we trust to make quality products focus on catering to the market around standard sized machines (based on 58mm group head, which also happens to be the only size we currently sell). Thanks to Motta, though, we now have an easy product to offer anyone after a non-standard sized tamper.

A tamper is essential to developing a precise and consistent espresso technique, and a high-quality tamper is a surefire way to improve your routine. This tamper is both beautiful and solidly built with a stainless steel base and wooden handle. Furthermore, while you can expect Motta's premium quality, it sells at a reasonable price. If you're after a great tamper for a 51mm portafilter, this is just about the best you could ask for.

Motta Pressino Tamper features & specifications

  • Made in Italy
  • Base made from Motta's high quality stainless steel, with a professional engraved Metallurgica Motta logo
  • Wooden handle in black
  • One of few professional quality tampers made for the less common 51mm portafilter