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Nucleus Paragon Coffee Extract Chilling Stand

Nucleus Paragon Pour-Over Extract Chilling Stand

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Extract chilling is one of the latest fixations among specialty coffee enthusiasts. The novel technique is proven to capture volatile aromatic compounds and yields coffee with richer flavour profiles. If you're unfamiliar with its mechanics, we've written out a handy explanation (see below). While the technique has so far been limited to some homemade setups for the purposes of the World Barista Champions, Nucleus Coffee Tools has, in its usual fashion, combined science with its knack for product design to bring us an elegant, beautiful and effective way to bring this new frontier in specialty coffee right into our own cafes & kitchens.

About the Nucleus Paragon

The Paragon is, ultimately, a relatively simple device. The matte black aluminium alloy stand holds any drip brewer of your choice over a holder for the Paragon Chilling Rock, directly above your preferred vessel. What makes it stand out is Nucleus's typical attention to detail in design and use of high-quality parts. The entire assembly is height adjustable, making it easy to incorporate into your personal brewing routine, using whatever tools and accessories you prefer. The Paragon is also lightweight, and fits perfectly atop your favourite coffee scale, meaning no precision has to be sacrificed.

Of course, the real focus here is the Paragon Chilling Rocks. These rather eye-catching rocks are what do the actual work of extract chilling. They're a beautiful sphere shape with an attractive gold-like surface, owing to their titanium coating. This coating hides the dense liquid core that allows the Chilling Rocks to stay cool for longer. The titanium-coated stainless steel outer shell is food-grade and entirely safe for your coffee to run over. In designing the Paragon, Nucleus worked with the Zurich University of Applied Science, whose research confirmed the efficacy of the chilling technique.

With the Paragon, Nucleus has harnessed the power of science to bring a new frontier in coffee directly to your counter, all in a beautiful package. If you're looking to improve the quality of your pour-over coffee in an exciting, novel and unique way, the Paragon is a excellent investment.

What Is Extract Chilling?

Extract chilling may seem a rather arcane technique, and discussion of it is typically filled with more scientific jargon than the average barista may be comfortable with. So in simple terms, what is it? To understand extract chilling, it is important to understand what the technique is attempting to accomplish. When you brew coffee, especially a pour-over, you will be greeted with a wonderful array of aromas from your brew. The substances being released into the air that your senses are actually detecting at that moment are called aromatic volatile compounds. These delicate compounds are released largely in the first stage of a brew, owing to the heat of the brewing environment. Extract-chilling seeks to keep these compounds from evaporating and lock them within the coffee by immediately "shocking" the fluid leaving the brewer. As it briefly runs over a cool surface, the brew itself should stay warm, but the user can avoid "losing" some of these delicate compounds. The end result? More of the delicious flavours you're used to smelling while you brew are retained in the final cup. In blind taste tests, users consistently report finding cups of coffee that have been made with an extract chiller to have a more complex and interesting taste profile.

About Nucleus Coffee Tools

Nucleus Coffee Tools was founded by former World Barista Champion, Sasa Sestic. The subject of the film, The Coffee Man, Sestic has continued to make a mark on the world of specialty coffee long after his championship victory. He runs a roastery, ONA Coffee, as well as green coffee distributor, Project Origin. Nucleus is Sestic's newest venture, a business aiming to design cutting-edge tools and accessories to help with making and serving better coffee. The most famous of these is Sestic's distribution tool, the NCD, which has changed the way baristas work around the world.

Nucleus Paragon features

  • Extract chilling technology captures and retains up to 40% more aroma-volatile compounds from your brew, taking your pour-over to the next level.
  • Aluminium-alloy brewing stand holds your favourite brewing tool, Paragon Chilling Rocks, and a vessel of your choice all in one height-adjustable assembly.
  • The lightweight stand is designed to fit atop the scale you already use.
  • Two included Paragon Chilling Rocks are built to a cutting-edge and aesthetically appealing standard. Food-safe titanium-coated 304-grade stainless steel outer surrounds the highly dense liquid core, keeping the rocks cool for a long time.

Nucleus Paragon specifications

  • Dimensions: 165MM (W) x 120MM (L) x 260MM (H)
  • Material: Aluminium-alloy (brewing stand), titanium-coated stainless steel with liquid gel core (Chilling Rocks)