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Customer Service & Coffee Specialist

Cape Coffee Beans is South Africa's leading retailer in the speciality coffee space, both online and offline, and has been recognised as one of the country's top eCommerce companies. If you are interested in combining a love of coffee with a passion for helping people, we have just the opportunity for you...


Opportunity overview

We are looking for someone with strong verbal and written communication skills and a genuine passion for speciality coffee to join our team as a customer service representative. The role will involve helping CCB's customers in store and online, via email, live chat, phone and social media.

This is a full time position, that would be based, at least in part, at our HQ in Claremont, Cape Town, but also may involve remote work.


Job description

We're looking for someone to join our team as a Customer Service & Coffee Specialist. You won't be serving coffees, but you will be serving customers, in person, on the phone, via live chat, by email and on all our social media channels. Your job will be to answer their questions, help sell our products, and most importantly ensure that everyone who interacts with Cape Coffee Beans has an excellent experience.

Professional experience in the coffee industry is not strictly necessary (though it would be a plus), but you do need to be an enthusiastic and knowledgeable coffee drinker* who can chat about flavour profiles and brew methods with other passionate amateurs. You also will need to be keen to expand your knowledge, so a curiosity about all things coffee is a must.

Strong verbal and written communication skills are very important, and you'll need to enjoy interacting with people to do well at this job. Any experience in sales, marketing, customer service or social media is helpful but is also not strictly necessary - we're looking for strong potential more than anything else.

The pace at Cape Coffee Beans can be fast and our standards are very high, so ideal candidates will relish a bit of a challenge. While we do our best to structure and plan, as a business that literally serves thousands of customers, our workload will vary and many days provide surprises. It's important that you have a positive disposition and enjoy solving problems, even if they land on your plate unexpectedly. We take our work seriously, but we also aim to have fun doing it!

As this is a small company, you will also need to be ready to dive in and help with other day to day tasks like packing orders, interacting with couriers and suppliers and helping with projects as required. This should provide the chance to learn all about running a niche eCommerce business and get a broad base of transferrable business skills. There will be plenty of opportunities for personal and career growth, and lots of really delicious free coffee.

* If you drink instant, pre-ground or capsule coffee, then this job is probably not for you.


Please note that we are not actively hiring at this time, but we are still always keen to hear from potential future team members. You are welcome to fill out an application, but please understand that we may only be able to get back to you when we are ready to bring new team members on board.

How to apply

To, please fill out an online application using Google forms: https://goo.gl/forms/VsOsApPllTqeMSxN2

Please allow up to 1 hour to complete the application. If you are successful, we'll invite you to interview.