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Baratza Sette Single Dose Hopper

Baratza Sette Single Dose Hopper

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Baratza's Sette line of grinders is a favourite amongst specialty coffee enthusiasts. They're some of the most full-featured espresso grinders on the market and are popular with dedicated home baristas thanks to their functionality, small footprint, speed and consistency. Despite being squarely aimed at the home espresso enthusiast, the Sette grinders come with a rather commercial-style hopper. You know the type: something big enough to hold days' worth of coffee beans. Most home baristas simply don't empty the bag into the hopper, so Baratza has created an accessory potentially better suited to the use case.

About The Sette Single Dose Hopper

This nifty accessory replaces the large hopper on Baratza's Sette line of grinders. It's designed to hold only the amount of beans needed for a single shot of espresso at a time. The large hoppers on these machines, while convenient for keeping plenty of coffee ready to grind, tend to discourage users from frequently switching between different coffees, as this would require emptying the entire hopper. However, the reason many of us find ourselves interested in the world of specialty coffee in the first place is in order to experience a wide variety of different coffees and flavour profiles. Thus, home baristas who enjoy alternating between various specialty coffees will see the most value in this product, as it makes brewing a single shot of espresso from one specific coffee convenient and easy, without requiring the user to commit to only using that coffee for a dozen more shots.

The single-dose hopper allows the user to take only the amount of beans they need from a bag of coffee, keeping the rest sealed to preserve freshness. It also saves users from having to clean out the hefty default hopper when switching between coffees. The single-dose hopper's soft touch lid is also designed to act as a measuring cup for users to weigh out the beans they'll need before transferring them directly into the hopper. This is the small but intelligent design touch that makes this stand out as a Baratza product.

The Sette Single Dose Hopper also offers benefits to the space-constrained barista as it significantly reduces the heigh of the Sette grinder. If you haven't been able to fit the grinder under your kitchen cabinet with enough clearance to make it easy to fill, then this accessory may make things a bit more convenient.

For home baristas looking to get the most out of their Sette grinders, this single-dose hopper is a must-have accessory that could fundamentally change how you interact with your grinder. It is compatible with the Sette 30, 270 and 270Wi.