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Bialetti Moka Express Italia Front View

Bialetti Moka Express Italia Stovetop Espresso Maker / Moka Pot

R 950.00

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If you have even a passing interest in coffee, Bialetti is likely a name you recognise, along with its iconic moustached-man logo. Bialetti has arguably been the biggest name in home-brewing equipment since the 1930s, and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon. The Moka Express is a timeless tool for coffee lovers the world over, brewing rich, espresso-style coffee, simply and easily. Now you can celebrate its Italian heritage with the colourful Moka Express Italia!

Though sporting a flashy new coat of paint, the Italia maintains the Moka Express’s iconic octagonal design and logo. Functionally the same stovetop espresso maker, known and loved throughout Italy and the rest of the world, its everlasting appeal is in its ease of use: simply fill the lower chamber with water and the filter basket with some delicious, freshly ground coffee, set it on the stove and you’ll have a fantastic cup of concentrated coffee before long. Its simplicity also makes it great for travelling, or even camping if you swap out the hob for an electric stove or even an open fire.

Note: like Bialetti’s standard Moka Express, the Italia is made entirely of aluminium, which means it won’t work with induction stoves without an additional accessory like this induction plate. Or, if you’d like something induction-ready right out of the box, take a look at the Bialetti Venus.

Size guide

The Italia comes in two sizes: a three-cup model and a six-cup model. Cups in this instance are roughly 30ml concentrated espresso-style shots of coffee. You can lengthen these by diluting them with hot water or frothed milk, for a pseudo-Americano or cappuccino. 

Bear in mind that, like all of Bialetti’s stovetop brewers, the Italia works best at full capacity, so we recommend choosing a size you’d be likely to fill completely every time you brew. We recommend the three-cup model if you tend to only make coffee for yourself, and the six-cup variant if you’re often brewing for two.

These yield estimates are based on our own experimentation but may vary depending on the amount of coffee used, the amount of water used, the specific coffee you're using and the grind consistency.

Bialetti Moka Express Italia features

  • Same iconic Moka Express design with a celebratory coat of paint
  • Makes rich, concentrated, espresso-style coffee
  • Made to last out of highly durable aluminium*
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse it, wipe it, and leave it to dry
  • Suitable for gas and electric stoves
  • Portable and durable - great for camping

* Aluminium can tarnish if left wet for too long or cleaned with harsh cleaning products. Make sure to clean it and dry it after every use, and don't put it in the dishwasher!