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Blind Disk Cleaning Membrane For Breville Espresso Machines

Blind Disk Cleaning Membrane For Breville Espresso Machines

R 169.00

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Cleaning & maintenance of your espresso machine is critical to ensuring it has a long and productive life. Among the most important routines is back-flushing the group head. This is the process by which you force cleaning detergent up into the group head to dissolve, and help to remove, coffee residue.

These rubber cleaning membranes are specifically designed for use with Breville (also called Sage) espresso machines. They insert into your existing filter baskets to form a seal, allowing you to do a thorough backflush.

The cleaning membranes come in two sizes. The 54mm fits the most common Breville espresso machines found in South Africa such as the Barista Express and Barista Touch. The 59mm version fits Breville or Sage machines with larger group heads such as the Oracle. Please be sure to choose the right size for your machine (based on the group head size)!

Blind Disk Cleaning Membrane features & specifications

  • Designed for use with Breville espresso machines
  • Diameter: 54mm/59mm (also suitable for 53mm/58mm group heads)
  • Material: rubber