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Brewista Ratio Coffee Scale [RETURNED UNIT]

Brewista Ratio Coffee Scale [RETURNED UNIT]

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We coffee geeks are an odd bunch. Many civilians will laugh at the very idea of using a scale to make coffee, but when we start to talk about coffee to water ratios, their eyes tends to glaze over. Unfortunately there is no escaping it: coffee is chemistry and brew ratios matter! Given that reality, we think Brewista's Ratio Scale is a great step towards simplifying it all.

The Ratio Scale does many of the same things any great coffee scale does. It accurately, precisely and quickly measures your coffee weight and your water weight. It also times your extraction. However, the Ratio Scale also builds on that functionality, by doing the calculation of how much water you need, and also giving you a guideline on how fast to pour.

The Brewista Ratio Scale allows you to choose the ratio you want to work with, and after you've weighed your coffee, translates that to a water weight, and also works with a target 2m30s pouring time. While a seasoned barista may want the freedom to tinker with this variable as well, you can switch the scale into 'manual mode' and use it like any other. However the pouring guide is likely to be a great asset to a novice who needs a little help, as will not having to do the math! Check out the video below to see how it works.

Brewista Ratio Scale features

  • Dual timing bars display the actual and desired pour rates
  • Adjustable water to grounds ratio
  • Automatic and manual modes
  • Helpful training tool for new baristas
  • Water resistant nano coating
  • USB rechargeable battery (micro USB charging cord included)
  • Includes protective cover/tray
  • Includes silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance
  • Adjustable auto off feature

Brewista Ratio Scale specifications

  • Stainless steel platform
  • Rubber coated steel body
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Silicone platform pad
  • Operating range from 1g to 2kg
  • 0.1g increments
  • Dimensions: 106mm W x 127mm D x 18mm H
  • Boxed Dimensions: 240mm W x 240mm D x 58mm H