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Cape Coffee Beans Natural Cotton Tote Bag

Cape Coffee Beans Natural Cotton Tote Bag

R 79.00

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Are you totes a Cape Coffee Beans fan? Do you grind your fresh beans with pride? Do you like to tell your friends about where you buy all your coffee gear and single-origin coffee beans? Well, you know, a picture speaks a thousand words, especially if that picture is a logo on your trendy natural cotton tote bag. There is no better way to carry your coffee gear, period. Heck, there is no better way to carry anything. Get yourself a CCB Tote!

We recommend incorporating some coffee stains from freshly brewed specialty coffee to improve your tote bag's aesthetic.

Cape Coffee Beans Tote Bag features & specifications

  • Instant specialty coffee credibility
  • Can carry at least 2kg of coffee beans at a time
  • Made of natural cotton
  • Main compartment is ~36cm wide x 40cm tall
  • Handles are ~30cm
  • Hand-wash only