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Cape Coffee Beans Trucker Cap Left Side

Cape Coffee Beans Trucker Cap

R 99.00

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It's a well-known fact that making coffee can be quite difficult with the sun in your eyes. Given the specialty coffee world's developing propensity for outdoor brewing, we, at Cape Coffee Beans challenged ourselves to find a solution. We knew that sunglasses wouldn't work; tinted shades severely limit your ability to visually judge roast degree and extraction level. No, it had to be something different.

After many brainstorming sessions at the drawing board, we finally had it: a cap! Not just any cap though... a cap, with a mesh at the back to avoid the barista overheating under the baking sun and the pressure of brewing in an unfamiliar environment... a cap with an adjustable head size, to accommodate coffee lovers of all shapes and sizes... a cap that would also signal to onlookers that serious brewing was underway. This is how the idea for the Cape Coffee Beans Trucker Cap was born.

Now, you too can brew safely, unimpeded by solar rays, gusts of dusty wind or whatever else the elements might throw at you. You too can show the world that you take your specialty coffee brewing seriously. Even better, you can wear this piece of headgear to demonstrate the pride you take in your coffee and in your support of Cape Coffee Beans.

Get yourself a Cape Coffee Beans Trucker Cap!

Cape Coffee Beans Trucker Cap features & specifications

  • Front panel: 100% Cotton
  • Mesh: 100% Polyester
  • Adjustable headband: suitable for coffee lovers of all sizes
  • Guaranteed to make you look like a coffee nerd