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Duralex Le Gigogne Tumbler

Duralex Le Gigogne Tumbler Glasses

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Duralex has been one of the world's favourite brands for several generations. Since 1939, the French manufacturer has been producing high-quality, sturdy and long-lasting glassware using a patented tempering process which makes them highly resilient to damage from impact or temperature changes.

The Gigogne tumbler is subtle and stylish, yet durable like all Duralex products, and even if you do manage to break one, they’re shatterproof, meaning they fall apart into large chunks rather than tiny shards. Gigogne tumblers also 'nest' (meaning that they fit into each other in such a way that makes them easy to stack) which is actually where the name comes from.  They’re dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze, and non-porous, so even with continued use there’s no chance of anything staining the inside.

Though perhaps not as well-known as iconic Picardie style that the whole world recognises, Le Gigogne was actually the very first Duralex glass, originally crafted in 1946. Perfect for anything from espresso to pour-over, to cappuccino, the Gigogne tumblers are the perfect mix of form and function whose understated design brings a touch of elegance to any coffee ritual.

Speaking of coffee rituals, we particularly like the Gigogne style tumblers (the 220ml to be specific) for use as cupping bowls. The shape and size perfectly suits cupping applications and the fact that they stack makes them easy to have neatly beside your cupping setup.

Duralex Le Gigogne Tumbler size guide

  • 90ml - D 5.7cm x H 5.7cm - Espresso, macchiato, piccolo
  • 160ml - D 7 x H 7cm - Cortado
  • 220ml - D 7.6cm x H 7.9cm - Pour-over, filter, flat white, cupping

Duralex Le Gigogne Tumbler features & specifications

  • Made of hardened, non-porous, hygienic glass
  • Stackable
  • Impact & chip-resistant
  • If broken by strong shock, shatters into small pieces that aren't sharp
  • Heat safe up to 130°C
  • Freezer, microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Comes in various sizes (see drop-down menu and size guide)
  • Comes as a set of 6