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Espro Toroid Milk Frothing Pitchers

Espro Toroid Milk Frothing Pitcher

R 479

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Espro is an innovative manufacturer of coffee brewing accessories based in Canada. Their most famous product is probably the double-micro-filtered Espro Press, but they also make a whole series of interesting tools for espresso lovers and baristas. The Toroid Milk Frothing Pitcher may be one of the most interesting.

At first, it doesn't look that different from a typical stainless steel milk frothing jug - the differences are subtle - but the shape of the Toroid pitchers has been re-engineered with one specific goal in mind - to make milk frothing a bit easier.

The combination of the bulb-shaped bottom and indentation in its middle, encourages the flow of milk around the bottom of the jug in exactly the way that you want for great micro-foam. In a solid, stainless steel package with a polished finish, narrow spout, and easy grip handle, it's the perfect milk frothing pitcher for the budding or very busy barista.