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Everything But Espresso By Scott Rao

Everything But Espresso By Scott Rao

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Scott Rao is one of the most accomplished and respected consulting professionals in the specialty coffee space. He has been making an impact on the industry for decades on multiple platforms, from his blog to his books, and most recently on Youtube. He is perhaps best known for his print publications which have served as handbooks for the industry since the 2000s, whether that is for roasting, brewing or making espresso.

Scott has continued to publish his own works but has also expanded his remit and helped to publish books about coffee from other respected authors. All of them aim to help coffee professionals improve their craft, but will also provide great value to passionate consumers and lovers of specialty coffee who want to dive deeper into the workings of the industry. We feel privileged to have partnered with Scott to make his entire selection of publications available in South Africa.

Notes about Everything But Espresso from Scott Rao

Scott's second book covers all of the major non-espresso forms of coffee brewing. Broken up into three parts, Everything but Espresso covers the following:

  • Part One - Coffee extraction, extraction measurement, and how to manipulate flavor by changing brewing parameters
  • Part Two - How to optimize various brewing methods, such as drip, pour over, press pot, and vacuum pot.
  • Part Three - Proper water chemistry and bean storage.

If you're either an espresso aficionado who wants to spread their wings or someone who cherishes their old press pot, this book is the definitive guide to making the best possible brew at home.

Everything But Espresso book format

  • Hardcover
  • 70 pages
  • 26cm x 20 cm