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Felicita Arc Espresso Scale

Felicita ARC Bluetooth Espresso Scale

R 4,199.00

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In recent years, talented baristas have taken espresso extraction to the next level by turning it into a science, as much as an art. One of the key developments has been the focus on consistent yield. At many of the best cafés around the world, you'll see baristas weighing their shots, to make sure that their yields are completely consistent.

The challenge with shot-weighing, is that it's a pretty good way to kill a scale, as the espresso machine drip tray is not the most hospitable environment to electronics. Thankfully, there is a new generation of products designed to address just that need, and Felicita has made one of the best for the purpose.

The ARC Espresso Scale was designed from the ground up to meet espresso extraction needs. It's highly water resistant, very compact, and the perfect size for your drip tray. It's also lightning-fast and very precise, helping you ensure the most consistent extractions. While that functionality would be enough for most baristas, Felicita has also incorporated features like auto-taring and automatic timer starts, as well as the ability to tether to a bluetooth device, and log variables using Felicita's helpful Coffee App.

Despite all this functionality, the Felicita ARC Espresso Scale is still surprisingly affordable, barely costing more than equivalent scales without all this functionality. As such, it makes a great choice for any barista, professional or amateur, who really cares about consistency.

Felicita ARC Espresso Scale features & specifications

  • Aluminium body
  • Dimensions: 105x135x15.5mm
  • Water resistant
  • 2kg capacity
  • 0.1g Increments
  • Auto-tare, auto-timer modes
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Felicita Coffee App
  • Lithium-ion USB rechargeable battery

Felicita ARC Espresso Scale box contents

  • Felicita ARC Espresso Scale
  • Micro USB cable
  • 100g calibration weight
  • Heat resistant pad